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[c4b0f8] by lirc lirc

moved setup-functions to separate file

2009-04-10 07:35:54 Tree
[ffb1f9] by lirc lirc

point to generic devinput config file

2009-04-06 16:16:08 Tree
[d28a00] by lirc lirc

point to devinput driver

2009-04-06 16:08:54 Tree
[233904] by lirc lirc

wakeup polling thread only when necessary

2009-03-29 10:55:31 Tree
[34cb1c] by lirc lirc

kthread_stop wakes up thread

2009-03-29 08:52:17 Tree
[b4b04d] by lirc lirc

cleaned up error handling

2009-03-28 18:52:49 Tree
[295c15] by lirc lirc

allocate internal structs dynamically

2009-03-28 18:42:30 Tree
[636bcb] by lirc lirc

use mutex instead of semaphore

2009-03-28 10:18:03 Tree
[1e250d] by lirc lirc

MINOR -> iminor

2009-03-22 08:45:47 Tree
[cc5929] by lirc lirc

use ioctl in fops struct only

2009-03-15 09:34:00 Tree
[439a89] by lirc lirc

buffer is only guaranteed to be valid after successful set_use_inc call

2009-03-13 21:33:12 Tree
[a05d63] by lirc lirc

fixed kfifo implementation:
must not use fifo->size (size is rounded up inside kfifo implementation),
fixed comparison in lirc_buffer_read

2009-03-11 20:18:40 Tree
[556608] by lirc lirc

kfifo seems to be broken, disable for now

2009-03-11 07:41:49 Tree
[80e111] by lirc lirc

compilation fix: move lirc_buffer_lock/lirc_buffer_unlock

2009-03-11 07:40:26 Tree
[009c6b] by lirc lirc

Vista MCE remote

2009-03-11 07:11:22 Tree
[81f828] by jarodwilson jarodwilson

lirc_atiusb: rename irctl struct, had same name as central lirc_dev struct, which was confusing

2009-03-11 00:21:46 Tree
[79db45] by jarodwilson jarodwilson

fix typos and grammar errors in comments

2009-03-11 00:15:36 Tree
[1516ef] by jarodwilson jarodwilson

lirc_atiusb: use comment style matching kernel guidelines

2009-03-11 00:08:36 Tree
[86938f] by jarodwilson jarodwilson

lirc_atiusb: checkpatch cleanups

2009-03-10 23:56:38 Tree
[446442] by lirc lirc

fixed link to mailing list archive

2009-03-10 21:21:09 Tree
[c8367d] by lirc lirc

log messages,
empty lines

2009-03-09 18:54:17 Tree
[29c2a8] by lirc lirc

kfifo has its own locking

2009-03-09 18:33:12 Tree
[2e66c9] by jarodwilson jarodwilson

if/else both do the same, just set flags after conditional

2009-03-09 03:36:08 Tree
[222080] by lirc lirc

ENOIOCTLCMD should not be seen by userspace

2009-03-08 20:06:40 Tree
[deee94] by lirc lirc

use msleep on recent kernels

2009-03-08 20:00:12 Tree
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