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# Note: in addition to these parameters, you need to have working    -*- sh -*-
# configuration file for lircd (and lircmd if enabled).

# Options to lircd(8).  Typically, this will be empty, as which driver to use
# should be specified using the LIRC_DRIVER variable below.

# The infrared receiver (and/or transmitter) driver to be used by lircd(8),
# similar to passing "-H driver" to lircd(8).
# Run "/usr/sbin/lircd -H help" to get a listing of supported drivers.

# Which lirc device will be used by lircd(8).
# This is the same as passing "-d device" to lircd.
# An empty value will use the default /dev/lirc0 device.

# Options to lircmd(8). lircmd always runs with --nodaemon added

# The infrared device used by lirc, if any. If set this is set, lircd will
# enable the lirc protocol using # "echo lirc > /sys/class/rc/$LIRCD_IR_DEVICE"
# at startup. If unset, this is disabled. An alternative is to install the
# lirc-disable-kernel-rc subpackage.