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[ae3018] (lirc-0_7_0pre8) by lirc lirc

lirc-0_7_0pre8 pre-release

2004-10-09 19:38:54 Tree
[64089d] by lirc lirc

support repeats

2004-10-09 16:12:08 Tree
[02f269] by lirc lirc

updated links

2004-10-09 14:11:21 Tree
[ae8547] by pmiller9 pmiller9

remove old macro

2004-10-08 15:17:12 Tree
[35aa05] by pmiller9 pmiller9

kernel 2.4 doesn't support multiple usb tables per module; changed method for determining if we're using a remote wonder 1 or 2.

2004-10-08 15:04:18 Tree
[ed8aa1] by pmiller9 pmiller9

it appears that kernel 2.4 automagically resubmits urb after transfer completion.

2004-09-26 22:42:53 Tree
[b0ebba] by pmiller9 pmiller9

add -EPIPE error for good measure :)

2004-09-26 18:08:48 Tree
[c13e92] by pmiller9 pmiller9

Updated lirc_atiusb description to include remote wonder II support

2004-09-26 17:00:15 Tree
[01edca] by pmiller9 pmiller9

implemented code for ATI's Remote Wonder II (based on patch from Falk Zoll)

2004-09-26 16:17:53 Tree
[fec6c0] by lirc lirc

added some additional model information

2004-09-25 09:37:55 Tree
[20c22d] by lirc lirc

added hints for devfs and sysfs

2004-09-25 09:14:11 Tree
[20520e] by lirc lirc

added userspce USB driver for ATI remotes (Michael Gold)

2004-09-11 19:56:49 Tree
[eefc64] by lirc lirc

sysfs and devfs clean-ups (David Härdeman),
compilation fixes

2004-09-05 16:48:48 Tree
[302dcf] by lirc lirc

added another config variation

2004-09-04 19:23:30 Tree
[9e96c3] by pmiller9 pmiller9

linux atiusb fix patch from Martin Tomasek <>

2004-09-02 20:08:50 Tree
[ec3327] by lirc lirc

bugfix for serial protocol decoder

2004-08-28 10:07:27 Tree
[cc07cc] by lirc lirc

get rid of floating point operations

2004-08-21 21:24:11 Tree
[ea6671] by lirc lirc

additional buttons for HP Media Center remote control

2004-08-20 21:38:02 Tree
[cd4e30] by pmiller9 pmiller9

Patch from Reynald Poittevin to fix remote id stripping.

2004-08-09 13:07:07 Tree
[6a2698] by lirc lirc

make more stuff static (David Härdeman)

2004-08-07 10:06:07 Tree
[de7f4a] by lirc lirc

harmonize debugging printk

2004-08-07 09:52:45 Tree
[a629ee] by lirc lirc

harmonize module information (David Härdeman)

2004-08-07 08:44:21 Tree
[cb27c0] by lirc lirc

corrected minimum version

2004-08-07 08:14:53 Tree
[72469d] by lirc lirc

devfs and sysfs support for 2.6 (David Härdeman)

2004-08-07 07:57:30 Tree
[c9ad6c] by lirc lirc

added support for Igor Cesko's USB IR receiver (Jan Hochstein)

2004-08-05 15:47:12 Tree
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