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[7d0df2] by lirc lirc

added config file for Hercules SmartTV Stereo TV card (Dimitris Michail)

2004-05-23 21:17:27 Tree
[f23c11] by pmiller9 pmiller9

oops. forgot to increment the version #define

2004-05-23 14:41:19 Tree
[2923ba] by lirc lirc

added new atiusb config files,
general clean-up

2004-05-20 13:17:57 Tree
[6701a6] by lirc lirc

inteface change in 2.6.4 (Stian Davidsen)

2004-05-16 09:14:39 Tree
[01c303] by pmiller9 pmiller9

attempt to handle repeats, somewhat based on the gatos code
-- new module parameter, repeat = repeat timeout (1/100 sec)

2004-05-06 04:11:04 Tree
[5816b4] by pmiller9 pmiller9

use channel 1 or set unique=0

2004-04-28 05:08:55 Tree
[971fcd] by pmiller9 pmiller9

- clearly print received data and channel (debug)
- add channel acceptance bit mask option
- add channel-specific option (default to non-unique, where the channel code is removed from key-code)
- bump version to 0.4
*** channel number not tested with 4/5-byte Dutch remotes ***

2004-04-28 04:42:58 Tree
[8154c5] by lirc lirc

usb structure change in 2.6.5 (Kenneth Aafloy)

2004-04-27 19:04:43 Tree
[4ab65f] by lirc lirc

added missing module reference counting,
new MOD_[INC|DEC]_USE_COUNT macros for 2.6

2004-04-27 18:52:32 Tree
[92890b] by lirc lirc

reset state on new keypress for remotes that use toggle_mask

2004-04-27 18:51:17 Tree
[9ddf44] by lirc lirc

added Makefile.common

2004-04-27 16:55:24 Tree
[99befb] by lirc lirc

return if bttv_get_cardinfo() fails

2004-04-27 06:08:24 Tree
[429bc1] by lirc lirc

install .ko modules on 2.6

2004-04-25 16:29:23 Tree
[835a7c] by lirc lirc

added IgorPlug to parameter list (patch by Martin Lillepuu)

2004-04-24 19:59:07 Tree
[2af281] by lirc lirc

renamed KERNEL26 define to be consistent with all other modules

2004-04-10 07:48:44 Tree
[6a7439] by pmiller9 pmiller9

fix lirc #includes such it'll compile under kernel 2.6 from lirc's source

2004-04-10 01:45:39 Tree
[0a7fe7] by lirc lirc

work-around for problems reported with cdialog 0.9b-20040316

2004-04-09 20:11:49 Tree
[45caf4] by lirc lirc

more drivers that compile with 2.6

2004-04-09 15:33:40 Tree
[f174cf] by lirc lirc

added note about CONFIG_MODULE_UNLOAD for 2.6 kernels

2004-04-04 10:18:18 Tree
[c2ce2a] by lirc lirc

fixed warning about redefinition of daemonize in kernels with modversions enabled

2004-03-30 05:44:07 Tree
[5124cd] by lirc lirc

fixed setting of default values

2004-03-29 20:02:14 Tree
[d394a4] by lirc lirc

fixed unsafe defines

2004-03-28 15:25:44 Tree
[aa4b20] by lirc lirc

part of the drivers compile now with 2.6 kernels

2004-03-28 15:20:54 Tree
[9ea637] by lirc lirc

added .cvsignore for lirc_mceusb directory

2004-03-28 12:23:12 Tree
[3dbfcd] (lirc-0_7_0pre4) by lirc lirc

reformatted for nicer man page output

2004-03-25 20:17:51 Tree
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