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[56e77b] (lirc-0_6_6pre1) by lirc lirc

cosmetic fix for recursive call of configure script

2002-07-07 10:13:45 Tree
[ecf681] by lirc lirc

learn toggle_mask, untested

2002-07-04 15:59:40 Tree
[1c36b9] by lirc lirc

int32_t would create incompatibilities on 64 bit architectures

2002-07-01 20:35:21 Tree
[0d15ff] by lirc lirc

begin and end now accepted as button names

2002-07-01 18:54:01 Tree
[8f0a26] by lirc lirc

should compile again with current 2.4.x kernels

2002-06-28 07:47:53 Tree
[9cb1b5] by lirc lirc

added UDP network driver

2002-06-24 18:43:37 Tree
[eaaba1] by lirc lirc

minor cleanups

2002-06-24 18:35:20 Tree
[2a9a12] by lirc lirc

set O_NONBLOCK flag to client file descriptors to avoid blocking of lircd when client becomes unreachable

2002-06-16 18:18:57 Tree
[61f717] by ranty ranty

Allow sending events to an specific 'WindowID'.

2002-06-16 14:19:04 Tree
[efd931] by ranty ranty

Allow targeting the 'RootWindow' which makes sending events to the
windowmanager posible/easier.

2002-06-16 13:29:57 Tree
[bf8847] by lirc lirc

additional config file docu

2002-05-20 09:27:07 Tree
[a1eadf] by lirc lirc

restructured setup script

2002-05-18 14:53:09 Tree
[6fe387] by lirc lirc

clearer explanation of serial port problem

2002-05-12 09:54:52 Tree
[935c1a] by lirc lirc

doc update

2002-05-05 10:24:53 Tree
[35cf6c] by lirc lirc

fixed stall bug

2002-05-05 10:23:52 Tree
[660d26] by lirc lirc

changes to integrate hw_dsp,
irrecord bugfix

2002-05-04 09:36:27 Tree
[fffe37] by lirc lirc

changes to decode unknown protocol found on a Goldstar TV remote

2002-04-28 20:09:01 Tree
[b27f59] by lirc lirc

added support for hardware connected to soundcard input (Pavel Machek)

2002-04-22 19:07:43 Tree
[a2ca09] by ranty ranty

The previous fix would add an extra space, this time it won't.

2002-04-18 08:48:42 Tree
[936dba] by ranty ranty

A formating error was causing a piece of text not to be shown.

2002-04-11 07:20:14 Tree
[f80767] by lirc lirc

changed config file for Pixelview PlayTV pro and compatible TV cards to use original codes

2002-04-01 20:12:48 Tree
[0bc84c] by lirc lirc

added support for Tekram M230 Mach64 (Froenchenko Leonid)

2002-03-28 21:26:54 Tree
[ecdb93] by lirc lirc

changes for Sharp Zaurus hardware,
disable interrupts during transmit

2002-03-27 14:16:19 Tree
[69a4be] by lirc lirc

command line version of irxevent

2002-03-25 17:20:45 Tree
[cc1049] by lirc lirc

fixed bug in command line driver selection

2002-03-24 21:10:59 Tree
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