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[1765ac] by uzuul uzuul

lirc/AUTHORS completion

2008-05-16 22:07:33 Tree
[a47279] by uzuul uzuul

Add preliminary support of LIRC and IR remote controls into HAL.
The aim is to make it easy to detect USB remote controls through HAL, and get the base information for these (manufacturer and model).
For more information, refer to doc/html/index.html, § HAL integration

2008-05-16 22:02:13 Tree
[68e873] by uzuul uzuul

fix make distcheck and distcheck-light targets

2008-05-16 20:15:22 Tree
[4e2f90] by lirc lirc

converted to device_create/device_destroy arguments

2008-05-14 16:37:49 Tree
[bead6b] by lirc lirc

using device_create/device_destroy from 2.6.26 on

2008-05-13 21:20:17 Tree
[8b1dd9] by lirc lirc

check if transmit buffer is valid

2008-05-11 13:29:47 Tree
[40597f] by lirc lirc

accidentially added...

2008-05-09 18:42:34 Tree
[d9fa8a] by lirc lirc

support for include directive in lircd.conf

2008-05-09 18:40:58 Tree
[6687cd] by lirc lirc

fix build if linux/i2c-dev.h is not present

2008-05-07 17:22:50 Tree
[e96079] by lirc lirc

don't abort learning sequence when a button does not generate a signal at all

2008-05-04 18:30:39 Tree
[1b68d8] by lirc lirc

usb_remote_table: Add the Pinnacle Remote Kit's USB ID
(set_transmitter_mask): Handle the Pinnacle Remote Kit
(usb_remote_recv): Handle code 0x90, apparently sent by this device

This patch was originally created by lifehack and posted on

2008-05-04 18:00:55 Tree
[5b695d] by lirc lirc

prefer /lib/modules/2.6.17/source over /lib/modules/2.6.17/build for kernel source location

2008-05-04 17:40:30 Tree
[d0f896] (lirc-0_8_3) by lirc lirc

0.8.3 release

2008-05-04 13:54:15 Tree
[53d587] by lirc lirc

fix lirc_i2c crash on 2.6.25

2008-05-04 13:49:53 Tree
[6f7919] by lirc lirc


2008-04-28 20:38:47 Tree
[27fc2d] by lirc lirc

work-around for bad repeat handling

2008-04-28 18:17:31 Tree
[53f0d4] by lirc lirc

fixed compile error with gcc 2.95

2008-04-28 06:47:29 Tree
[682211] by lirc lirc

added void param to allow empty port and irq setting for NSLU2

2008-04-14 06:21:58 Tree
[7d5570] by lirc lirc

2.4 compatibility

2008-04-06 19:03:52 Tree
[40faec] by lirc lirc

support carrier frequencies that are not divisible by 1000 Hz

2008-04-06 08:37:11 Tree
[c356eb] by lirc lirc

Formosa Industrial Computing / Beanbag Emulation Device

2008-04-05 18:49:38 Tree
[129982] by lirc lirc

moved setting of last_send and last_code to new send_ir_ncode function

2008-03-30 14:53:06 Tree
[eb15f2] by lirc lirc

changed flush function not to wait in command_ext

2008-03-30 14:52:04 Tree
[b7c4f8] by lirc lirc

Medion MD1 NBC P/N 40008282

2008-03-16 13:59:29 Tree
[7708da] by lirc lirc

added support for Samsung USB IR Receiver

2008-03-02 19:18:40 Tree
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