Nisar Mohamed - 2009-08-14

Hi ,

I am trying to load the linwizard in my HTC wizard, using wing-linux package.

After starting the haret linux load up and stuck at the following prompt saying unable to mount rootfs.

I have the rootfs  and other required files under \Storage Card\linux

Please help me in fixing this.

CMDLINE=debug quiet psplash=false loglevel=7 init=/sb
in/init console=tty0 video=omapfb:accel fbcon=rotate:
3 gsm-wizard.noreset=1 gsm-wizard.noload=1.4 root=/de
initramfs: Loading /initrd.d/ module
initramfs: Loading /initrd.d/ module
booting from: /dev/
mount: Mounting /dev/ on /mnt failed: invalid argumen
Unable to mount rootfs device

sh: can,t access tty; job control off
/ $ _