On 9/26/05, Brian Finney <y0gi636@gmail.com> wrote:
there is a patch that allows you to change it on demand with xsetwacom
but it only supports CW and CCW not invert.  If you only want one of
those then it should work for you but it can be hard to find the patch
(at least it was last time I tryed).

i've found the on the fly rotation patch in the meantime, but since i don't have much experience in compiling from source and applying patches, and i'm confused as to how i have to rebuild xsetwacom to recognize the changes, i'm somewhat hesitant to get under the hood.

i noticed that the driver changelog lists the "Support tablet orentation rotation for all tablets" feature for driver version 0.6.9. does this mean that the patch from Bjorn Bringert (see his original post here: http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=11218956 ) is merged and present in the latest driver version?

assuming this is not the case, if you (or any other tablet pc users)  have managed to build the xsetwacom and wacom_drv.o for the i386 platform, i'd be very glad if you can send them to me. if this is the case though, i'll file a package request report in my distro (Ubuntu) for the latest driver version if someone already hasn't.