#9 Better jitter filtering

Bill Heiden

One of our users is experiencing quite a bit of annoying
jittering. We've moved the tablet further way from the
monitor and there is still some ambient jittering that
occurs. I did a quick google search and found the
jittering appears to me more of a problem with linux and
not windows. Apparently the driver for windows is doing
a better job of filtering out the jitters. It would be great if
this same filtering could be applied to the linux wacom
driver. Thanks...


  • John Joganic

    John Joganic - 2003-06-17
    • status: open --> closed
  • John Joganic

    John Joganic - 2003-06-17

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    Please check the filtering provided by 0.5.1-beta. The
    Intuos filtering code was temporarily removed, but has been
    restored in this build. If it's still not up to par, please
    resubmit the request. Thanks!

  • John Joganic

    John Joganic - 2003-06-17
    • assigned_to: nobody --> jjoganic
  • Bill Heiden

    Bill Heiden - 2003-07-11

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    Hi John, I finally had a chance to try to compile the latest
    beta code, but the 0.5.1 distribution appears to missing wcm-
    beta.c and wcm-beta.h. Any chance you can send both of
    these files to me as an attachment? Thanks in advance.

  • John Joganic

    John Joganic - 2003-07-11

    Logged In: YES

    I just uploaded 0.5.2-beta which fixes a small bug in the
    jitter filtering for Intuos tablets. The wcm-beta code is
    no longer part of the project, ie. it's not necessary to
    build the 0.5.x source code. If you're having trouble
    compiling, please fill out a bug report. Thanks!


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