#61 Move project to GitHub or alike

Ivan Pejić

Could you please consider moving the project away from the SF so that we can enjoy in your hard work?
Long page load times, constant error pages and intrusive/distasteful advertising I find really annoying and a hindrance to collaboration.


  • Ivan Pejić

    Ivan Pejić - 2014-09-01

    Do others also get subscribed to http://clicks.slashdot.org/ newsletters by default or I missed to uncheck/check some "don't spam me" checkbox while creating a SF account?

  • Peter Hutterer

    Peter Hutterer - 2014-09-01

    probably best to check your account settings. I've never gotten those newsletters so I suspect there was a checkbox somewhere on signup.

  • Jason Gerecke

    Jason Gerecke - 2014-09-10

    Its not just you. Sourceforge has been making changes to how they host projects, and a lot of sites have been experience slow loading (or non-loading) sites. Hopefully this gets resolved soon, because it's been really annoying. There's a fair amount of pain involved in migrating to another site so we'd rather not go through the process if we don't have to, though to be honest this isn't the first time a migration has been suggested...

    • Ivan Pejić

      Ivan Pejić - 2014-09-10

      Judging by the level of ads aggression looks like there is a desperate need for making SF profitable. I could understand that - it happens.
      I hope that things get better but my rational part is screaming at me (saying otherwise) :(
      Anyway, I'm here if help is needed. My C is utterly bad but I don't mind dotting-the-i type of tasks. :)


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