xf86-input-wacom Multi-Monitor Setup

  • Andreas Böhler

    Andreas Böhler - 2010-04-14

    I've got a Lenovo X200 Tablet and sometimes attach a seondary Monitor to it. The problem is that I'm unable to configure the tablet to map only to the laptop's screen. Instead, the cursor moves across both displays. They are configured via RandR (Intel x4500MHD).

    I'm using today's snapshot of xf86-input-wacom and tried every solution listed in the HowTo (even with wacomxrrd). No matter what I change, it always spans across both screens.

    This is on Arch Linux, updates as of yesterday applied.

  • Ping Cheng

    Ping Cheng - 2010-04-14

    XRandR is not supported for xf86-input-wacom yet.  But we do have a program, called wacomxrrd.c, under linuxwacom-0.8.6/src/util that supports RandR. We will port it over to xf86-input-wacom.  Before that happens, you can build the program under xrc/util yourself and follow the steps under http://linuxwacom.sourceforge.net/index.php/howto/multimonitor to use it.

  • Andreas Böhler

    Andreas Böhler - 2010-04-15

    Thanks for your reply! I already tried wacomxrrd, unfortunately it doesn't change anything. Do I really only need to start wacomxrrd without any further configuration?

    Right now, it displays the following when run with -v:

    andy@x200t:~/$ wacomxrrd -v -i stylus
    wacomxrrd: init position (1,1) - (1,1) rot 1
    wacomxrrd: notified display 2560x1024, screen 1280x800 @ 0,0 rot 1
    wacomxrrd: update to 0x0 @ 1,1 rot 0

    It detects my screen correctly, 1280x800 is LCD of the ThinkPad, but the behaviour of the stylus is not changed.


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