Barz - 2014-06-19

Hi I have already read many posts on forums, and due to lack of information from users or from me, I do not know what to do in order to download, install or compile


Ubuntu............. 12.04 x64
Kernel............. 3.2.0-64-generic
Xorg-Xserver....... 1.11.3
Input Wacom ....... 0.17 (got it on a repository it should be 0.14)
Wacom PTH-651 /K

I have to tell you that I can not upgrade my kernel to the version 3.7, like some forums say to apply certain patches. The patches are refered to Wacom Bamboo, or the CTH-480.

The reason I can't upgrade is: If I update the kernel, the Xserver of this version, The graphic card driver will dump with the new configuration.

I have read also that Ubuntu 14.04 have native support due to input-driver 0.24, and the almost new kernel (3.14). I have a partition with it, and my computer just overheats and shuts down. That is very sad.The problem is the Ati Open Driver, that CPU percentage increases when applications have to run Video or 3D things, as well as Gimp or Krita.

I also have tried installing Fedora O.S., and seems that there are no patches,and not bugfixes as well. Older versions to 19 have not support anymore. That is why I returned to Ubuntu. Debian is in version 6, the stable version, and 7.5 the recent. They do not have support for newer kernels, and searching on the web, seems that they do not have interest in Wacom products.

A friend lent me an Intuos 3, and works very well on the partition with Xserver 1.11.3, my notebook worked pretty well. I had no issues on performance, and not with overheating problems. I have also a partition in windows 7, and overheats as well, with any tablet I work with,but it does not shuts down, but feels like an oven when I work with a tablet by many hours.

The real issue is that my tablet is an Intuos Pro, so I can't depend forever in other's people tablets.

So I went to this page

And it has the instructions for Driver 0.84 and Ubuntu 9.04, might be a good kernel, but I think it does not have the latest Wacom drivers, I guess.

I do not know what to do, because I have already read that people have many issues with patches, with different tablets than mine, with old kernels, and those users broke their xorg.

I have other partitions to work as well to do my work of Illustration and Concept Art waiting for your response. The funny thing is that I have to stop working regularly because I have to wait to the computer to cool down.

I will follow your instructions and recomendations as well.

Thanks for your time.

Kind Regards.