Beginner Advice for Xorg settings

  • David

    David - 2010-12-28

    I am relatively new to Linux and I am having a little difficulty understanding the wacom projects reference documents.
    There are a lot of terms which simply aren't explained. They may be common terms to an experienced linux user but they have me stumped. I have been trying for several months to get my 2 wacoms working on linux without success.

    Using Linux Mint 10
    Two wacom tablets
    DTF 720  wacom screen  1280x1024
    Intuos2 UD-1218-U
    additional monitor LG FlatronWide

    I have display set to twinview in my Nvidia drivers.
    Currently the DTF 720 is mapped across both monitors and I only want to map it to one Wacom monitor.

    Problem number 1:
    What is the screen number of the Wacom DTF screen.
    In the nvidia drivers the wacom screen is  CRT-1 GPU-0

    Problem no 2:
    The wacom drivers say that to devices can co-exist. ok then
    How do you identify a specific device in the xorg conf settings ?
    For example. let linux know these setting are for the DTF-720

    Okay here are the other things that are unclear in the documentation/
    setting screen mode absolute/relative
    What is absolute and relative? this is not explained.

    Setting the monitor the documentation says to set monitor you should use

    Option "TwinView" "Xinerama"

    Option "ScreenNo" "theScreenNumber"

    I have checked the twinview in my nivdia driver settings but how do I know if it is using Xinerama?
    and which screen is which number? "as above) and do I include the double quotes.

    there are so many variations in possible syntax variables and other options that the possibilities have reached
    Combinatorial explosion and soon my brain will too. If one of the gurus could help me out I would be very grateful.


  • David

    David - 2010-12-28

    Sorry also some additional questions.
    Screen_No              integer (-1 - 5)       sets screen number the tablet is mapped to
    does this mean the screens are numbered between -1 and -5? how can I list what screens are active on my machine?
    TwinView                none|xinerama|vertical
                        |aboveof                       sets the mapping to TwinView. Tablet mappings applied after this command will be based on the new tablet orientation.

    there are hundreds of sites that refer to the settings left of etc but none explaining what they mean! I change the settings and reset my computer repeatedly and there seems to be little difference.

       TVResolution0       width x height          sets MetaModes option for TwinView Screen 0
       TVResolution1       width x height          sets MetaModes option for TwinView Screen 1

    I don't understand metamodes and again how do I know which monitor is which screen.

    I know these are probably painfully obvious things to you experienced people. but I am very confused at the moment. If you can answer even one little part or just point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.


  • Ping Cheng

    Ping Cheng - 2010-12-28

    Before I can answer your specific questions, I need to know some details of your system and the driver:

    1.  what version of X server you are using (issue "X -version");
    2.  what kernel version ("uname -a");
    3.  which Wacom driver version;
    4.  post your /var/log/Xorg.0.log and /etc/X11/xorg.conf.

    I'll get back to you once I see those info.

  • David

    David - 2010-12-29

    I hope this is the correct information. Thank you for your help.

    X.Org X Server 1.9.0
    Release Date: 2010-08-20
    X Protocol Version 11, Revision 0
    Build Operating System: Linux 2.6.24-27-server x86_64 Ubuntu

    Linux  2.6.35-24-generic #42-Ubuntu SMP Thu Dec 2 02:41:37 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux

    xserver-xorg-input-wacom 1:0.10.8-Oubuntu1 X.Org X server Wacom input driver

    # nvidia-settings: X configuration file generated by nvidia-settings
    # nvidia-settings:  version 260.19.06  (buildd@yellow)  Mon Oct  4 15:59:51 UTC 2010

    Section "ServerLayout"
        Identifier     "Layout0"
        Screen      0  "Screen0" 0 0
        InputDevice    "Keyboard0" "CoreKeyboard"
        InputDevice    "Mouse0" "CorePointer"
        InputDevice    "stylus"
        Option         "Xinerama" "0"

    Section "Files"

    Section "InputDevice"

        # generated from default
        Identifier     "Mouse0"
        Driver         "mouse"
        Option         "Protocol" "auto"
        Option         "Device" "/dev/psaux"
        Option         "Emulate3Buttons" "no"
        Option         "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"

    Section "InputDevice"

        # generated from default
        Identifier     "Keyboard0"
        Driver         "kbd"

    Section "InputDevice"
      Driver        "wacom"
      Identifier    "stylus"
      Option        "Device"        "/dev/input/wacom"    # USB ONLY
      Option        "Type"          "stylus"
      Option        "USB"           "on"                  # USB ONLY
      Option        "Twinview"      "horizontal"
      Option        "ScreenNo"      "0"

    Section "Monitor"

        # HorizSync source: edid, VertRefresh source: edid
        Identifier     "Monitor0"
        VendorName     "Unknown"
        ModelName      "WAC DTF-720"
        HorizSync       30.0 - 80.0
        VertRefresh     50.0 - 75.0
        Option         "DPMS"

    Section "Device"
        Identifier     "Device0"
        Driver         "nvidia"
        VendorName     "NVIDIA Corporation"
        BoardName      "GeForce GTX 460"

    Section "Screen"
        Identifier     "Screen0"
        Device         "Device0"
        Monitor        "Monitor0"
        DefaultDepth    24
        Option         "TwinView" "1"
        Option         "TwinViewXineramaInfoOrder" "DFP-0"
        Option         "metamodes" "CRT: nvidia-auto-select +0+0, DFP: nvidia-auto-select +1280+0"
        SubSection     "Display"
            Depth       24

  • David

    David - 2010-12-29

    from the wacom driver manual file
    X Version 11                xf86-input-wacom 0.10.8                   WACOM(4)

  • Ping Cheng

    Ping Cheng - 2010-12-29

    Yeah, those are the info I need. However, TwinView is not supported by the driver you are running. X server developers suggest us to use a community created video driver instead of the driver from Nvidia. Please post your questions to the linuxwacom-discuss mailing list to get help. I am not familiar with that video driver's setup. The TwinView support is for X servers older than 1.7.

  • David

    David - 2010-12-30

    Thanks for reply. I will have to learn more about these drivers. I would never have guessed that twin view isn't supported in the nividia driver. The checkbox is right there in the Nvidia driver settings! It says it is in Twinview. lol  It is certainly very confusing. But I think linux is morally superior I will persevere in trying to understand. thanks again


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