Add support wacom tablet CTH-460, expresskeys

  • Rugama

    Rugama - 2012-12-20

    Hi, I purchased a wacom tablet CTH-460 series, I have KDE 4.93 desktop, platform ubuntu 12.04, and the driver for the tablet that provides kde 1.3.7 kcm. In this driver, you can set configuration parameters for the tablet buttons or ExpressKeys (4 buttons in my case), the problem is that when I assign the changes I want as a letter or function or command, the driver registers it , but when you apply it in gimp, Krita, MyPaint or pencil, simply do not work. I got in touch with who designed kcm 1.3.7 software, and told me a number of parameters to see if the tablet was fine with the device xsetwacom command and others, he suggested assigning numerical values ​​to buttons 1 to 10, for ExpressKey, and to do it and type it from the terminal, nothing happened. Resend the data information to progranmmador and told me that the driver does not support linuxwacom that tablet, so I can not assign values ​​or functions to the ExpressKeys on the tablet, the other functions as they work quite well, in my opinion. Then, how can i  assign values ​​to the buttons on my tablet CTH-460, can you support  it?

    appreciate any help.

  • Rugama

    Rugama - 2013-01-11

    hi, thank by the help…. i was talking previously with alexander maret(kcm 1.3.7) , he taught me how assign values to the expresskey using the terminal, you know xset wacom set etc etc,  it supposes that i assign a number to the expresskey , when i type on the terminal it must to be represented in terminal whne i press the key of the tablet, but  nothig happens . ok , now i muy try what you post me, well, i was watching, but it is a litle confused to me … can you tell me in what order to start? 
    can i make  a script to assign function to the expresskey without cloning repository or not update the driver ? …..



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