Disable Touch completely?

  • Nikolai Neff

    Nikolai Neff - 2013-01-25


    I have a Lenovo X201 Tablet runnig Fedora 18.
    I have these devices:

    [niko@localhost ~]$ xsetwacom list
    Serial Wacom Tablet WACf00c stylus  id: 13  type: STYLUS    
    Serial Wacom Tablet WACf00c eraser  id: 14  type: ERASER    
    Serial Wacom Tablet WACf00c touch   id: 15  type: TOUCH

    is there an easy way, to completely disable the Touch input without affecting the other two? I don't like the touch one and don't need it at all and it sometimes causes problems when I rest my hand on the screen while using the stylus (which has precedence over the touch, but this is not 100% reliable)

    I can provide more information if needed.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Ping Cheng

    Ping Cheng - 2013-01-25

    xsetwacom set 15 touch off

  • Nikolai Neff

    Nikolai Neff - 2013-01-26

    Works great, thank you!
    Maybe this should be added to the manpage of xsetwacom, because I looked there first and couldn't find anything regarding an off switch :D

  • Ping Cheng

    Ping Cheng - 2013-01-27

    Oh, really? I did not know manpage is out of date. I normally use "xsetwacom list parameter" to check the current supportred options. We'll take care of the man page soon.

  • Nikolai Neff

    Nikolai Neff - 2013-01-27

    Well thank you!
    And for anyone else finding this thread:
    It has to be "xsetwacom list parameters"
    - which listed Touch On/Off for me, maybe I should have looked there as well.


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