#241 Disabling "Gesture" disables mouse cursor movement on CTH-480



xsetwacom set "Wacom Intuos PT S Finger touch" Gesture off

Results in mouse movement not being recognised anymore. Gestures (such as two-finger scroll) seem to be still sent to the computer. Running touchegg after disabling Gestures results in smooth scrolling, but cursor movements are not restored.

Turning Gesture off is the only way of getting multi-finger gestures to work, so this is unfortunate.

I have reproduced this in both release and the current git head, on Archlinux.


  • Jason Gerecke

    Jason Gerecke - 2014-05-15

    I've been able to reproduce this with Arch and an Intuos5, though curiously not with a Cintiq 24HDT. The issue doesn't seem to be related to absolute mode, since changing that through xsetwacom before/after disabling gestures doesn't seem to affect anything.

    We did stop moving the mouse pointer when gestures are disabled in 0.22.0 (see commit f38dd57) since the X server is supposed to be performing its own emulation. Why the emulation isn't kicking in for an opaque tablet like the Intuos remains to be discovered...

  • Jason Gerecke

    Jason Gerecke - 2014-05-15
    • status: new --> open
    • assigned_to: Jason Gerecke
  • Jason Gerecke

    Jason Gerecke - 2014-08-25

    Sorry about my lack of recent feedback on this bug. As I mentioned above, we stopped moving the mouse on our own in 0.22.0 since we were under the impression that the server was supposed to handle it. After some investigation, it looks like this is the case only for touchscreens: touchpads do not benefit from in-server emulation.* In theory all we need to do is re-introduce the code to move the pointer, but only use it when the device is a touchpad. The code's changed a bit since the functionality was removed so it isn't trivial to fix, but it shouldn't take too much work to fix.

    *For those interested in the gory details, the XI2 protocol documents only ever mention pointer emulation in the context of direct touch devices (e.g. "Touch sequences from direct touch devices may emulate pointer events" and "[the 'PointerEmulated'] flag is set ... on Motion .. events generated by direct touch devices."). In his "Pointer emulation" post, Peter goes a little farther and specifically states "dependent touch devices do not emulate pointer events."

    • Ivan Pejić

      Ivan Pejić - 2014-08-26

      Peter say:

      Dependent touch devices do not emulate pointer events. Rather, we send the normal mouse movements from the device as regular pointer events.

      After issuing xsetwacom set <name|id> Gesture off as seen by xinput test and xinput test-xi2 I stop getting any events but I should have regular ones (like mouse does). Correct?

      • Jason Gerecke

        Jason Gerecke - 2014-08-26

        I think Peter means "the driver" (rather than "the server") when he says "we". Since the code to send regular events with gestures disabled was removed from the driver, the touchpad doesn't work correctly. You should get regular events, and will once this bug is fixed :)

  • Jason Gerecke

    Jason Gerecke - 2014-10-25
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Jason Gerecke

    Jason Gerecke - 2014-10-25

    Fixed in 0.26.0


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