#148 xf86-input-wacom hangs all input on exiting X.Org 1.7.5


Wacom Intuos 3 A5 USB
xf86-input-wacom, latest pull from git
xorg-server 1.7.5

It's kind of random. Sometimes it'll hang, sometimes it won't.
I gather the more I use my tablet (and especcially the pad
buttons and strips), the more likely X is to hang upon quitting.
It's not a kernel panic, because it doesn't blink the keyboard
lights, so I'd gather it's X taking over all input and falling into
deep slumber.

The issue doesn't appear at all when using linuxwacom 0.8.5-10
patched to work with X.Org 1.7 (I'm using the patchset at

If you want me to do some stracing or logging, I'll gladly do so,
but please, tell me what to log and do beforehand, the only
solution to the hang is a hard reset and I don't like the idea of
my filesystem corrupting after many such reboots. ;)


  • Ping Cheng

    Ping Cheng - 2010-05-06
    • assigned_to: nobody --> whot
  • Ping Cheng

    Ping Cheng - 2010-07-15

    Do you still see the issue with 0.10.7?

  • Ping Cheng

    Ping Cheng - 2011-03-04

    No reply after more than 6 months. We assume it is not an issue.

  • Ping Cheng

    Ping Cheng - 2011-03-04
    • status: open --> closed-invalid

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