repquota output formats

  • Jonathan Overholt

    I've been using repquota for periodic automated reporting and finally got fed up with how the output looks outside of a console window. I made some changes to the source to allow for CSV and XML format, using a new argument to select the output format. This way I can easily pipe the output into something else for flexible formatting options.

    I did my best to follow the naming and formatting that was already there. Is this something that anybody else might be interested in? I have a patch against 4.01.

    I'm also planning on adding percentages of hard and soft limits because those are really what I'm most interested in.

  • Jan Kara

    Jan Kara - 2013-09-26

    Yes, both CSV output format and percentages look like a useful feature to me. Regarding XML format - is it really worth it? The output is pretty simple so XML seems like an overkill to me but maybe it's handy for some usecases I don't know...

    • Jonathan Overholt

      The CSV is what I really needed. I feed the CSV output of repquota into perl for more complicated processing. I didn't really have a need for the XML but it's just generating simple, static markup, not using any DOM classes or anything, so it was really just another couple of conditional branches. I thought it'd be handy if someone wanted to format the output with XSLT. That would make automated emails pretty easy.

      How do you want me to submit the patches? I've not used git before but I have plenty of experience with svn and they can't be all that different. I haven't done the percentages yet but I could probably take care of it this morning. Also, I realized yesterday that I've only tested it with user quotas, as that's all I have in place. I'm not sure about group quotas and should probably test that before submitting it.

  • Jan Kara

    Jan Kara - 2013-09-27

    Regarding patches, I guess it will be the easiest for you to just add them to Patches tracker in this project. I'll then merge them into git.

    Regarding percentages, that can easily be done in a separate patch sometime later.


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