Can't read quota structure issue

  • Jim Janovich

    Jim Janovich - 2002-04-22

    Hello all,
    Anyone make sense of this?

    We are running RedHat 7.1.

    Apr 14 09:47:53 ls-001 useradd[2306]: new user: name=admin79, uid=581,
    gid=581, home=/home/virtual, shell=/bin/false
    Apr 14 09:47:53 ls-001 [2305]: add_virtual_domain site79
    Apr 14 09:47:54 ls-001 kernel: VFS: Quota for id 581 referenced but not
    Apr 14 09:47:54 ls-001 kernel: VFS: Can't read quota structure for id 581.

    Now, at closer look I found this error at server bootup:

    Apr 14 18:25:44 ls-001 : virtualhosting: [warning] /sbin/quotaon -au failed
    Apr 14 18:25:45 ls-001 : virtualhosting: [warning] /sbin/quotaon -ag failed

    Maybe this will help. Doing a "uname -a" I get:
    Linux 2.4.9-31 #1 Tue Feb 26 07:11:02 EST 2002 i686 unknown

    rpm -q quota gives:



    • Jan Kara

      Jan Kara - 2002-07-22

      It seems like a corrupted quota file. Try running quotacheck.
      It the problem apperars again it might be a bug in a kernel (2.4.9 is a bit old) - try upgrading it (you'll need RH kernel for new quota format support).



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