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Zachary Powell
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App Navigation

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This is the first page you will be presented with when launching the app. Our 'Side navigation menu' allows you to quickly move around the app between the different app sections. To access this menu from anywhere in the app simply tap the small LinuxonAndroid logo in the top left hand corner of the app.
The menu consists of the following items:
  • Install Guides - these are all the install guides for the distros we support, here you will find all the files you need to download and apps you need to install to get everything running nicely.
  • Launch - This is the integrated Launcher, allowing you to boot your Linux distros from within the app (See below)
  • Tips - some tips to getting everything running as smoothly as possible
  • FAQ - an FAQ area although a more detailed FAQ can be found here on the wiki, see [General FAQ]
  • Change Logs - Change logs for the app, boot script and images
  • News Feed - this is an integrated feed of posts from our site, so you can keep up to date with all LinuxonAndroid related stuff from within the app
  • About - About the project including credits etc

Install guides

Below is a complete list of Install guides as found within the app but in more detail, recommended for users that found parts of the in app guides confusing or who just want more information about the steps involved


By a long way the most complicated part of the app and thus has its own section of the wiki below are the sub sections to this which will help explain all the parts found within the launcher, and help make more use of some of its more powerful features.


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Tips on how to improve the use of Linux on the Android device, however it is deprecated in favour of this wiki and will be removed in future version


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A small FAQ that with some useful information, although it is pretty much deprecated by this wiki now and will likely be removed in favour of the wiki soon enough

Change Logs

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Provides all the project change logs in an easy to read format, broken up to the three sections

News Feed

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This is a built in RSS feed reader that takes a feed from our blog, the result is a nice and easy way to keep track of goings on within the LinuxonAndroid project. You can click the post you want to read and will be taken to the webpage for it.


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Just a simple about page with credits to the developers al all those that have helped translate the app via crowdin


Wiki: General FAQ
Wiki: Home