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#5 Android activity to trigger scripts


It'd be nice to trigger linuxonandroid shell scripts by pressing a button on the Android screen. This could be done by adding an activity to linuxonandroid that takes the name of a shell script as an argument. Then an app like QCustomShortcut can be used to create a widget that triggers an arbitrary script.

Some changes have to be made, though, to make sure we've got a sane environment for the script to run it. I'd suggest running the scripts that do our loopback and bind mounts at boot time, then running an unmount script when a shutdown signal is received.

Then our existing widget would do little more than start a shell in a Terminal Emulator window, and additional widgets could fire off various scripts.

In particular, we should be able to write a script to start a vnc server, run some X11 program in it, then trigger androidVNC via am. The net effect for the user would be to push a button on the Android screen and get a window running some X11 app.


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