#144 Submit the fonts to Google Web Fonts


Would it be possible to submit the fonts to Google Web Fonts directory? There are lots of open source fonts so I suppose that there should be no licensing problems.

The thing is that the whole font (even the WOFF version which is compressed) has too big a file size to be comfortably used on the web. Google Web Fonts directory has really convenient features in terms of restricting the set of glyphs according to what you will actually use on the webpage. This allows you to load substantially smaller file to use the font of your choice when you don’t need to use all the glyphs available in it.

I looked around the web for a way how to do this myself (restrict the set of glyphs in the font) but I haven’t been successful. I would probably have to install FontForge on my machine and I don’t know if I would be able to do it without breaking the features of the font. I also tried FontSquirrel’s @font-face Generator which allows to restrict the font to only subset of glyphs to lower the file size but it actually breaks the features (such as ligatures) of the font as well.

Submitting the fonts to Google Web Fonts would make the subsetting of the font easy and its usability for web developers (lower file size when only subset is loaded) would substantially rise.

Thanks for some reply on this.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Just to add an extra perspective to this. For those that use Drive (successor to Google Docs), today marks an important update. The ability to use WOFF fonts in Google's library for any Google Doc. Though I prefer offline editing in LibreOffice, some of my work must be done in a cloud setting. I would love to have Libertine available to use for this purpose.

    All the best,


  • forpeterssake

    forpeterssake - 2012-11-28

    I find myself using Google Drive more and more to create documents, and their support for web fonts is quite impressive. But Libertine is my favorite font, and I, too, would enjoy using it. Has anyone on the project looked at what it would take to include Libertine and Biolinum to the directory?

  • josefec

    josefec - 2013-02-01

    Well, it seems nobody from the development team has replied to this.

    I have found this submit form:

    I think it would take only a few minutes to submit Linux Libertine to Google Webfonts and it would help a lot of people designing web pages. :)

    Thanks for response.


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