Strange result with pdf created in Libreoffice

  • Moebius

    Moebius - 2014-02-23

    I like these fonts but, infortunately, I can't use them : I'm a teacher and in my school, we use toshiba e-studio 855 copiers. I write texts in Libreoffice (any version produces same result, actually the latest one, 4.2). In order to print my documents, I convert them, using Libreoffice interface, in pdf format with embedded fonts. Then I transfer these pdf files on an usb key that I plug in the copier ; but, the result is unusuable : bad letters, vertical lines added...just wasting paper.
    Then, I sadly change the font of the whole document in times new roman and then everything work properly. I wonder why these beautiful free fonts doesn't work ...I've tried ttf instead of otf ones with no succes.
    If someone get an idea....


  • andypep

    andypep - 2014-02-26

    This sounds like an issue with the copier/printer, not being able to extract the fonts from the pdf. The manual ( lists a lot of built-in fonts, and ways of creating substitution tables, but no statement that I saw at a quick glance that you could define any new ones.

    Sounds like you should complain to Toshiba.


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