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Cyber Mage
  • Cyber Mage

    Cyber Mage - 2000-03-21

    Could you outline any tasks that you need performed? If someone were to provide you with materials related to the linux conmmand line, in support of the project, what would you desire?
    Additionally, if you were to think of the project as one large document, what sections or topics will you cover? Example:
    - definition of a standard distribution as it relates to this project
    - expectations on what shell you will be using or which shells you will NOT be using
    - diff between user commands and superuser commands (is there one?)
    - a list of all user commands in the 'standard distribution'
    - a list of all superuser commands in the 'standard distribution'
    - a list of editors to be used (links to those editors?) when an editor is needed
    - debate on why command line is "better"/"more efficient"/"always going to be needed"
    - when not to use a command line

    • Bill Shotts

      Bill Shotts - 2000-03-21

      Contributions will be welcomed in the following areas:

      Scripts for the script library.  I will insist that they be written with a tool I will provide so that they have the same structure and format.

      Lessons. I will be developing outlines for the two educational tracks (Learning the shell and Writing shell scripts) shortly.

      Database infrastructure.  Since SourceForge provides a MySQL/PHP environment for its users, I need folks with skills to develop the SuperMan facility.

      Incantations.  I am always looking for amazing one-line shell tricks.

      • Cyber Mage

        Cyber Mage - 2000-03-22

        What sort of tool are you speaking of?
        Would you mean that I couldn't create a textfile in vim and then apply a formatting script/indent properly or do you mean you need custom tags/html/XML?

        I guess we will wait and see - just interested!

        • Bill Shotts

          Bill Shotts - 2000-03-22

          I have a script (which will be the first one posted in the script library) called new_script.  This program asks you some questions about the script you want to create and then outputs a script template.

          The template contains a number of useful elements such as, traps, usage messages, help text, command line argument processing, copyright notices and license text.

          Once you have the template you can edit it with anything you like.  I designed new_script to be used either standalone or inside an editor that supports forking a shell.  I use it with nedit (my favorite editor) inside the "shell" menu.  It opens an xterm and starts prompting, then puts the results into the edit buffer.

          I am requiring this tool for the following reasons:

          1. I want the scripts to have all the features I expect in a well written script namely signal handling (traps), help messages (support for -h and --help options).

          2. Each script contains documentation features.  One thing I notice in other sites and books on scripting is that the scripts contain almost no internal documentation.  I think this is wrong for scripts intended for an educational site and I think that undocumented scripts are a bad idea for production environments.

          3. Each script will have a properly worded GPL notice in it.  GPL is a requirement for all software posted on LinuxCommand.


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