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net4801 error led driver

Version 1.0 of the net4801 error led driver ist out.
This driver enables you to control the error led of the soekris net4801.
It is based on the net4501 error led driver written by John Laur
(see\) and uses the same way to control
the state of the error led - the file /proc/driver/errorled. You can turn the
LED on or off by writing a 1 or a 0 to /proc/driver/errorled but you can also
but it into blinking mode by writing a value between 2 and 9.

Posted by Michael Schulze 2003-11-11

linux4501-1.1.5-dev is out

1.1.5 is an intermediate release intended for developers who want to use it as a start for their own project or for people who just want to install software on the system. See release notes in the files section for details.

Posted by Michael Schulze 2002-10-27

linux4501 1.1 is out

Release 1.1 of linux4501 is out. Linux4501 is a linux distribution for the soekris net4501 embedded sbc. (see

Posted by Michael Schulze 2002-10-01