#28 UDF and DVDRAM


I compiled my kernel (2.4.22) with UDF support (as
module) and with write support to use my DVDRAM device.

I mounted DVDRAM unit with
mount -t udf /dev/sdc1 /dvdram

and I obtain the followinf messages (from dmesg):

UDF-fs DEBUG lowlevel.c:57:udf_get_last_session: XA
disk: no, vol_desc_start=0
UDF-fs DEBUG super.c:1421:udf_read_super: Multi-session=0
UDF-fs DEBUG super.c:410:udf_vrs: Starting at sector 16
(2048 byte sectors)
UDF-fs DEBUG super.c:753:udf_load_pvoldesc: recording
time 1066770718/0, 2003/10/21 23:11 (1078)
UDF-fs DEBUG super.c:763:udf_load_pvoldesc: volIdent[]
= 'RAMUDF20'
UDF-fs DEBUG super.c:770:udf_load_pvoldesc:
volSetIdent[] = '2F55B97DRAMUDF20'
UDF-fs DEBUG super.c:962:udf_load_logicalvol: Partition
(0:0) type 1 on volume 1
UDF-fs DEBUG super.c:972:udf_load_logicalvol: FileSet
found in LogicalVolDesc at block=0, partition=0
UDF-fs DEBUG super.c:800:udf_load_partdesc: Searching
map: (0 == 0)
UDF-fs DEBUG super.c:841:udf_load_partdesc:
unallocSpaceBitmap (part 0) @ 2
UDF-fs DEBUG super.c:882:udf_load_partdesc: Partition
(0:0 type 1511) starts at physical 272, block length
UDF-fs DEBUG super.c:1215:udf_load_partition: Using
anchor in block 256
UDF-fs DEBUG super.c:1448:udf_read_super: Lastblock=0
UDF-fs DEBUG super.c:725:udf_find_fileset: Fileset at
block=0, partition=0
UDF-fs DEBUG super.c:786:udf_load_fileset: Rootdir at
block=139, partition=0
UDF-fs INFO UDF 0.9.6-rw (2002/03/11) Mounting volume
'RAMUDF20', timestamp 2003/10/21 22:11 (103c)

When I write a new file ("prova.txt")I obtain:

udf: unknown compression code (254) stri=my test(1).txt
UDF-fs DEBUG unicode.c:414:udf_get_filename: Failed in
udf_get_filename: sname = my test(1).txt

where "my test(1).txt" is a filename written under
Windows (DVDRAM disc is formatted under Windows with
UDF 2.0).

The file "prova.txt" is correctly written under Linux
but I can't see the file written under Windows: the
problem is in special characters presents in filename,
as spaces and/or ()?

Thanks in advance


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