#19 cdrwtool fails for some CDRW disk sizes


This has been seen on two different machines, with
three different IDE CD-RW drives. Constant across all
tests are the cdrwtool build (1.0b2, as packaged
in Debian's Woody) and the kernel (2.4.18, usually with
the preempt patch, always(?) with either the "2.4.18"
or, on Peter's advice, the latest 2.4.19-preX pktcdvd
patch; all built on Woody, of course). The Dell on
which the third drive is installed is a P4, and of
course its kernel was compiled with that CPU family
selected; the other is a P3.

What I've seen: 80 minute/700MB disks fail. Mostly
they fail after about half an hour, but today when I
was testing the third drive it seemed to hang just
after announcing that it was about to start
formatting. But I may have misinterpreted the signs
there: that was a poxy Dell compact desktop case, where
the drive's activity LED is buried behind plastic.

Anyway, on all three drives I've had 80 minute disks
fail to format. The same disks can be initialized
under Windows, by Roxio, and then they work just fine
in all the machines and drives - full read and write,
no problem. That Dell was added to the tests because
with that one I can say that the exact same hardware
that works with Roxio fails with cdrwtool. :-(

Two of the drives have been tested with a 74 minute/650
MB disk: that works just fine. So did the 150MB
mini-disk I just tried a few days ago. So it seems to
be that the disks fail with cdrwtool depending on their


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