#55 UDF corruption (caused by a large directory?)


I created a 4GB UDF filesystem on a USB flash drive. I
proceeded to
copy a ~ 50,000 file Maildir directory (which takes up
about 1GB on
ext3 with 4k blocks). After transfering that and some
other directories
to the file system. I tried examining the directory
Maildir directory.
I noticed that "du -sh" was only reporting a few
hundred megs and
was giving an error message about one particular
email/file (I forgot
the exact text, but something like the file not
existing.). Trying
to "ls" that file also yielded the same error, but
strangely, bash's
filename completion was able to complete that file
name. So
assuming the directory was corrupted I tried to
"umount" it,
but that got stuck and never exited. (The same for
sync'ing and
trying to umount other filesystems.)

After rebooting and remounting, I find that the email
addresses of
some of my emails end up as the filenames of "ls"
listings of the filesystems root directory. (In other
words, everything is thoroughly

I'm running an unpatched Linux kernel. The
was created with udftools 1.0.0b3-9 from Debian Sarge.


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