• Radek Polak

    Radek Polak - 2008-10-05

    i am now trying 0.2 version. I was running it for 30minutes until battery went down. I was able to do some calls - this works just fine. The screensaver is cool too. Only bug i found is that after the screensaver is run for the first time, the phone application looses focus and user is unable to type or control the phone application. After second screensaver the focus returns and everything is ok. Now i am charging battery for next playing :)



    • Radek Polak

      Radek Polak - 2008-10-07

      Yesterday I had flphone up for the whole day. It has problem with random crashes that orccur after one hour or so. Maybe i have too small swap (i have only 64MB MMC) - could this be problem? After 10 hours the battery is empty - so probably some power saving is needed.

    • Vladimir Ananiev

      Thanks for the response, now it is clear that there is some problem that prevents flphone from running more that one hour. I will investigate this issue...

    • Spin7ion

      Spin7ion - 2008-12-03

      When I started flphone it requed pin code, but i can't type it. SX1 restarts after 15 seconds.

      Whitout sim-card it shows edit where i can type some numbers no more.


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