drive was originally formatted with gparted.  formatted with mkfs.ntfs and instead of mount used ntfsmount. 

This allows read-write through the ntfs-progs package, but then isnt it writting through the user-space library instead of the kernel modules uploaded?

Am I right that mount would call the .ko's and ntfsmount would call libntfs... dont both have readwrite access now?

On Tue, Sep 22, 2009 at 12:36 PM, John <> wrote:
I am a fairly new mailing list user, however very interested in this kernel level driver.

I loaded the kernel level modules yuma posted in my kernel (Slax build if it matters).  mounting a drive via mount -o rw /dev/<device> /mnt/<dir>  which is sucessful, typing mount shows the mount path and rw, however drive is readonly.  Trying to write to the device and you get read-only filesystem message.  Looking at the device properties in KDE shows that the permissions are set for Can View Contents only on Owner, Forbidden on Group and Others .  /var/log/messages shows kernel NTFS volume version 3.1 (no errors) as does dmesg output.

What kernel are the kernel modules tested with? 

Should there be write access? 

Am I doing something wrong (as I am new to this project)? 

Is this an active project (NTFS-3G is okay but not our needs...Anton or other developers can respond I will fill him in privately..)?