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New kernel build is available (v4.1.43)

A new build is available from the project files area. This update includes backported patches for the mac_esp driver to fix a bug affecting SCSI-2 devices when used with the Quadra 660av and 840av models. Also, the mac8390 and mac89x0 device drivers are now shipped as loadable modules, which means that 8390- and 89x0-based ethernet cards should now work (presuming that the modules get loaded).

Posted by Finn Thain 2017-08-20

New test kernel and other changes to the files area

A new test kernel is available from the project files area. This kernel includes backported mac_scsi patches. Device drivers for Macs are built-in, which makes it possible to boot without an initrd containing driver modules. All obsolete downloads have been archived at the FTP site.

Posted by Finn Thain 2016-04-04

OS X cross-compiler available

Finn Thain has been kind enough to provide a cross-compiler for OS X, and has written some documentation to go with it. Thanks Finn!

Posted by Anonymous 2005-05-30

Updated 2.2.25 kernel available

Updated 2.2.25 kernel now available with additions to floating point emulator. Now compiled with support for 060 processor to accomodate users with accelerators.

Posted by Raylynn Knight 2003-09-07

Linux for 68k Macintoshes - 2.2.23 Kernel release

A kernel updated to 2.2.23 has now been released. Mac-specific changes are improved Ethernet device support. This project is a developmental branch off the Linux/m68k port, supporting older Macintoshes with a Motorola 68020, 030, or 040 CPU and an MMU. Includes some II* and most LC/Centris/Quadra/Performa *** machines.

Tested Ethernet devices are:

For Sonic driver:
Onboard Sonic on Quadra 950, Quadra 650 and Quadra 650.
Macintosh Ethernet LC PN 820-0443-C
Apple Ethernet LC Twisted Pair PN 820-0532-A... read more

Posted by Raylynn Knight 2003-01-08

Updated CVS repository for 2.2 branch

CVS repository for 2.2 branch has been updated to 2.2.22
Support has been added for additional Ethernet cards.
Update to 2.2.23 and kernel release to follow soon.

Posted by Raylynn Knight 2002-12-31

New 2.2.20 kernel binary available

A new binary for kernel 2.2.20 is available from Files. The CVS linux-2_2 module has been upgraded to 2.2.20 See Alan Cox release notes for mainstream 2.2.20 for details on what changed.

Posted by Raylynn Knight 2001-11-29

Ethernet updates.

API Engineering LC-PDS card is now supported by the smc9194 driver. The mac8390 driver now supports the Cabletron card, shared memory access to the Sonic Sys card that masquerades as a Farallon card is fixed, and support for another Dayna LC-PDS card was added. This driver should now work in both 2.2.x and 2.4.x kernels.

Posted by Raylynn Knight 2001-05-15

2.2.19 Kernel, modules, map and config

2.2.19 kernel, modules, map and config files are now available for download.

Posted by Raylynn Knight 2001-04-11

ADB support for 100-series PowerBooks

The ADB driver for the PB1xx series has been fixed. It should now work on these machines, with the exception of the 190, which uses a different driver. There are still a few issues to work out in the driver, but basic keyboard functionality is available. Support for the Duos and 500-series PowerBooks still needs to be fixed.

Posted by Andrew McPherson 2001-02-26

2.4.0 CVS will create a bootable kernel

With careful selection of config options it is now possible to create a 2.4.0 kernel that runs on at least the Mac IIfx. More to follow.

Posted by Raylynn Knight 2001-01-19

2.2.18 Merge now in CVS

The completed merge with mainstream 2.2.18 has now been checked into CVS. You can still get 2.2.17 by using the tag linux-2_2_17.

Posted by Raylynn Knight 2001-01-05

2.2.18 Merge completed

I've completed the 2.2.18 merge and built a kernel and modules. scp is currently broken so I can't upload.

Posted by Raylynn Knight 2000-12-28

MACE ethernet for AV Macs fixed

On Friday, October 20, Joshua M. Thompson performed an extensive rewrite to the MACE ethernet driver to follow more closely what the NetBSD driver did. As a result, MACE ethernet for m68k-based AV Macintosh computers now works in the 2.3/2.4 kernel. The driver was back-ported to the 2.2 kernel by David D. Kilzer on Tuesday, October 24. Changes were checked into CVS, but no new kernels have been posted with the fixes yet.

Posted by David D. Kilzer 2000-10-26