• ravuya

    ravuya - 2005-04-18

    I noticed a package on the ftp site. Will this boot a 68k uClinux kernel on an mmu-less machine?

    If so, has anyone tried it on the LC series of machine or will I have to buy my buddy's LC475?

    • Michael Tomkins

      Michael Tomkins - 2005-05-10

      The lc475 is buggy, some chips will work, most will not. If the revision is less than what is on the mac-68k faq page then it wont work.  http://mac.linux-m68k.org/docs/faq.php#sec-4 section 5 is the chip problem. Trust me I tried installing for 3 months without success on a LC475 until I found this out. Now have a new CPU without the bug. also look at http://emile.sourceforge.net/ for some nice new stuff including floopy boot disk images that work!


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