Trouble booting..

  • Daniel Sundberg

    Daniel Sundberg - 2003-03-19

    Hiya ppl...
    I have partitioned my IDE drive with pdisk
    on my Powerbook150 and have 1 macos partition working. When booting the kernel i get several "hda: Interrupt lost" messages when looking for partitions and then when loading the ramdisk (root.bin) displays one really black square with <Continue> and a flashing marker. Any ideas on whats wrong here? Do I need to create a filesystem myself on the partitions before trying to boot the installstuff? Anyway, I appreciate any input on this. Cherio.

    • Lance Flavell

      Lance Flavell - 2003-05-21

      I also have a PB150. I hope someone can prove me wrong here, but AFAIK, m68-Linux will not boot on this machine. It has to do with the kernel (or is it the penguin loader?) not supporting the IDE drive (hence, cannot pick up /dev/hda). You may be able to boot Linux from a SCSI or external drive, but I don't have one myself so cannot confirm. I really do wish the PB150 hard drive issue would be fixed, as PB150 is only really good as a notebook (literally) without some kind of a command-line terminal as given in Linux.


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