Workgroup Server 60?

  • Todd L. Miller

    Todd L. Miller - 2001-02-18

    Booting any 2.2.x kernel I've been able to find (your 2.2.18, the debian 2.2.19, the reselect-patched 2.2.17) ends with the machine halting (in Linux) with the following on the screen:

    vidaddr: F9000080
    _stext: 00001000
    bootinfo: 016C000
    cpuid: 0000000A
    00000008 02700340 00000340 00000008


    I was hoping some one could help me out with this.  Booting the 2.4.x kernel gets to the point where it mounts root, and then fails; with ramdisks, it segfaults at 00800000 and when I point it at an empty partition, fatfs complains and segfaults at 4a006601, which I suppose isn't entirely unexpected.  I tried to use mke2fs from the Macintosh side to build a partition there, but it would claim to have finished writing the superblocks and hang.

        The Workgroup Server 60 is a Quadra 610 with a larger HD and a built-in CD-ROM drive, as far as I can tell.  Thanks.

        (Annoyingly enough, the real Quadra 610s seem to handle Debian just fine.  Should I poke around and see if I can't find a MacOS revision specifically for the WS/60?)


    • Andrew McPherson

      Check the Gestalt ID in Penguin on the WGS 60, and see if it's different from that of a regular Quadra/Centris 610.  If so, Linux may not recognize it.  Also, the WGS often had special NuBus/PDS cards installed for faster SCSI.  If you have one of those, try removing it.

      You should try asking this question on the mailing list:


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