Having problem with WF741-UIC & Fedora Core

  • jchen200

    jchen200 - 2004-03-21

    I read previous success stories about the same usb adaptor and Fedora system, but mine is still not working. The stick was found and the driver was loaded correctly in initialization, but it couldnot get ip address through DHCP (I dont even know if it found the AP or not). It works just fine under win2k (DHCP, ssid set, no wep), so I'm not sure if there are not configuration tricks out there.

    Any suggestion is appreciated!


    • it0

      it0 - 2004-03-22

      Well did you follow the steps laid out in the pdf where you tell the stick to activate and associate itself with an accesspoint /adhoc thing?

      If so what went wrong, if not RTFM!


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