WF741-UIC and KnoppMyth working!

  • Andrew Lynch

    Andrew Lynch - 2004-01-01

    Today I installed the linux driver for the WF741-UIC / Zydas 1201 and it worked.  I just wanted to say thanks for the great work.

    I am running KnoppMyth (Knoppix for MythTV) and it needs a network connection.  With the location of the computer a wireless link seemed to be the obvious choice and thanks to you folks, thats a reality.

    I hope this driver gets incorporated into the Linux Kernel eventually.  Its too good to stay hidden!


    Andrew Lynch

    • Andres Ederra

      Andres Ederra - 2004-01-14

      Hi Andrew!

      its funny to hear you are using a Zydas 1201 in a KnoppMyth :-)
      I was doing something similar. I had a Debian(knoppix is debian based) running Freevo(similar program than MythTV)
      i suggest you give a try to Freevo if you haven't, they only problem it has is that they are still working in livetv... but if you dont need that you have tv,divx/xvid/dvd/vcd/anything playing, games(emulators),inet,music, and more in your Tv.

      You plug a wireless card and you can control and prgram it from anywhere :-)

    • Justin Mason

      Justin Mason - 2005-05-02

      funnily I also am using it with KnoppMyth -- seems to work well!

      the only issues I have are that it always complains of being unable to upload the firmware at boot (ie. "coldplugging" time), and intermittently (every few hours it seems) the wifi card stops working and needs unplugging and replugging to reset it.


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