ramoncio - 2005-05-12

I have been able to configure a wifi card Longshine LCS-8131R  with zd1201 module (you can view specifications at http://www.longshine.es/wireless/8131.htm\) and, as it is not included at your supported cards list I wanted to tell you so. I used Ubuntu 5.04 in a Powerpc (ibook clamshell g3  300mhz), with 2.6.10-powerpc kernel.
I experienced some problems in the installation (the module wasn't located in the right /usr/lib/ subfolder, and I had to move it to the right place and then do a depmod). And there is another problem when loading at startup: dmesg reports some firmware loading problem, but after googling, removing the module with rmmod and installing again with modprobe it works ok till next reboot or suspend. Can somebody tell me some way to avoid the rmmod/modprobe at every boot time? I'm not very experienced with linux (about 1 year), so I'm not very familiar with the modules loading process at Debian/Ubuntu startup, so some help or links would be great.