Adhoc mode requires ifup & ifdown after sleep

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    My setup:
    A desktop PC with Linux is sharing its internet
    connection wirelessly to an Apple Powerbook G4.
    Edimax EW-7117U on the desktop works in adhoc mode. The kernel version is 2.6.15-26.

    When I boot the desktop and start using internet
    on Powerbook, everything works well. As soon as I
    put powerbook to sleep and wake it up again, I
    have no access to the internet from the powerbook.
    Mysteriously, "ifup wlan0 && ifdown wlan0" on the
    desktop fixes the problem, so it doesn't seem
    to be a problem on the Powerbook-end.

    So putting the _remote_ computer to sleep somehow
    breaks the wlan0-interface and it needs a reboot.

    Is it possible that this is an issue on the
    zd1201-driver? Anyway, many thanks for the
    driver, it gets better every new version.

    Contact me for more information (config files, details etc.)

    Mika Niemi

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      >Mysteriously, "ifup wlan0 && ifdown wlan0" on the
      >desktop fixes the problem,

      Fix: "ifdown wlan0 && ifup wlan0"

      This is annoying because it has to be done as


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