Gigafast WF741-UIC & Fedora Core 1

Douglas C.
  • Douglas C.

    Douglas C. - 2003-12-17

    It works!

    Thank you for supporting this code.  Much like jamey12345's thread mentioned, I finally found your site after much detective work (and searching for zydas 1201).

    For Fedora Core 1 (kernel 2.4.22-1.2115.nptl), besides using the modified wlan-ng to create the prism2_usb driver, you must also use the usb patch supplied. The usb.c and hub.c files for Fedora are slightly different than the supplied 2.4.22 files, so I hand edited the usb.c and hub.c files as you described in the pdf, recompiled my modules, and everything works great.

    Thanks again and great work.

    • Andres Ederra

      Andres Ederra - 2004-01-14

      I'm glad to see it also works in Fedora... uhmm :-)

      But just to make it clear the pdf and the driver was not developed by me, as i say in the project page it was made and distributed by Sweex(a zydas1201 vendor9  under MPL license. i just made some minor modifications and published the stuff when they stop mainteining the driver.

      About the modifications you needed to make for Fedora, can you send them to me by email to put them in the driver package, in case ohter Fedora users come along?



    • Alexandre Sorokine

      The driver does not work for Fedora Core 1 with the recent kernel update (kernel 2.4.22-1.2174.nptl).  Having used modified wlan-ng with edited usb.c and hub.c I was able to load all kernel modules but wlan0 does not show up.


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