GigaFast WF741-UIC working

  • Jamey

    Jamey - 2003-11-22


    Thanks for helping make this driver avaliable and maintaining it!

    I found this driver seems to work well with the GigaFast WF741-UIC usb wireless adaptor. Gigafast's product page for this item is here:

    I found an offer from making this adaptor free after rebate, and only bought it because the little bit I was able to find about it through google led me to believe this was either an Amtel or Prism based adaptor.

    There are two editions of this item, both with the same model number. The early one is the one pictured on the site, with the smooth surface. It uses the Amtel chipset and the Amtel driver supports it fine. The newer edition however uses the ZyDAS 1201. It looks the same, but has a ribbed outer surface (ribs and notches about 2cm wide each.)

    I noticed the usbid listed in the linux-wlan driver's source. While that did not work (device still not detected and grabbed under it) it did at least give me the clue to search for "ZyDAS 1201" and thus I came to your project. The rest went well, patching the kernel and compiling the module.

    Thanks again,

    PS. Any plans to try to re-merge with the linux-wlan prism driver that Sweex based this on? Would be nice if possable since that one is included with so many distros... or does the kernel patch make that too difficult at the moment to contemplate?

    • Andres Ederra

      Andres Ederra - 2003-11-22

      Hi Jamely

      its great to see it working with other devices, i think is time to update the web so others in your situation can find the driver using google :-)

      About the merging with linux-wlan, thats the idea. I dont have a deep knowledge of usb and wlan, so i'm not able to make the driver evolve, just apply a patch here, another there and such...

      So have to talk with linux-wlan developers and offer them the source of this driver to see if they can merge it into linux-wlan  main branch.


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