I am also having the Same problem, Installing New kernel also didnt
solved the Problem plus I dont know how to use templates.

Are there any proper documentation of IMA and how to use Templates?
if yes can any one provide the Link?

My kernel version is

On Sat, Apr 9, 2011 at 8:45 AM, Sohail Khan <sohail.khan67@gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks for the prompt reply. I am going for the newer kernel now and will update on the problem (if persist) soon.



On Fri, Apr 8, 2011 at 7:56 PM, Mimi Zohar <zohar@linux.vnet.ibm.com> wrote:
On Fri, 2011-04-08 at 11:27 +0800, Sohail Khan wrote:
> Hi,
> The measurement list shows numbers in the filename-hint. Some
> measurements are given below. Can anyone specify what are these
> numbers and what should I do if I don't want to measure whatever the
> numbers represent?
> I've comment out the BPRM_CHECK & the FILE_CHECK but again getting
> these numbers. The Kernel version is 2.6.30.
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> 10 1508a15636cdbce65789204533e16308d7318b9f ima
> 10b3c3c4461920e3823e0190168f5a6134c78acc libswt-gnome-gtk-3659.so
> 10 d8283931375705ce28a09e2e300b033c2de46eae ima
> 5188431849b4613152fd7bdba6a3ff0a4fd6424b 6450
> 10 a51b159cce6296eddcc40c5046f513829a87de96 ima
> 5188431849b4613152fd7bdba6a3ff0a4fd6424b 6468
> 10 cdc372dce5550ce20dceffd46c809e0b5ac612b5 ima
> 5188431849b4613152fd7bdba6a3ff0a4fd6424b 6485
> 10 fdc01dac5eaedf77599667109078e2409bc9670e ima
> 5188431849b4613152fd7bdba6a3ff0a4fd6424b 6502
> 10 bf2bb4bb74175a793cda379617371fc8a6b6adca ima
> ceb7eb4c7d34ebcbaa0837e70bf6b7d5603ecc5a firefox
> 10 23088bdc778e63ac862c9d218f246941bd84d0e5 ima
> ad918da9521707e09f2188696e8412e420ad974a libsqlite3.so
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Thanks.

Identifying records in the measurement list is a known issue, which will
be addressed by 'templates'.  Two new templates are being defined,
ima-ng and ima-nglong, containing additional 'hint' information.  For
more details on templates, refer to

Controlling which files to measure, or not, is specified in the IMA
measurement policy.  Refer to Documentation/ABI/testing/ima_policy of
the specific kernel. (Changes are backwards compatible, but not forward
compatible. FILE_CHECK, for example, was previously called PATH_CHECK.)

As IMA was first enabled in 2.6.30 and has gone through numerous changes
since, how about upgrading to something a bit newer?



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