#27 Firewire controller problems


The report from Florian Idelberger regarding Firewire
controller problems struck a chord - I was getting the
same problems myself, including the "wait_for_sysfs"
messages, intermittent connectivity, etc.
I use a Maxtor drive to move files between machines - I
never connect my development machine to the internet.
Anyway those connectors aren't the most sturdy and
after repeated use the metal shielding starts to deform
- on the plugs and on the sockets - four pin and six pin.
A small adjustment to the shielding with a pair of
pliers did the trick for me.
It's most apparent if you just try swapping the suspect
connectors and sockets - too lose or too tight a fit
could be a symptom of the problem. Visually there
shouldn't be any gaps, cracks or deformaties in the
shielding (plugs and sockets) apart from those present
as a result of manufacture.

Hope this helps

Philip A. Ashmore (philip_ashmore@hotmail.com)


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