Hi All,
void *mmap(void *start, size_t length, int prot, int flags,           int
fd, off_t offset);
I am providing 1.6MB as length parameter in mmap command.
It is giving me error as Can't mmap region with error number EINVAL. I searched for the probable causes for EINVAL error number, and cheked it that i am satisfying all of them
on the other hand when i am providing 1.384MB as length parameter in mmap command.
It is successful.
This mmap command is being issued from User space(from the DIrectFB code in systems/fbdev.c)
The exact command which i am writing is
addr = mmap(NULL, dfb_fbdev->shared->fix.mmio_len, PROT_READ | PROT_WRITE, MAO_SHARED, dfb_fbdev->fd, 0);
Can anybody provide any clue on it?
I want to access the mmio regs at offset (0.9MB to 1.6MB offset).
Also in my system MIPS board(broadcom chip), the framebuffer driver contains support for MMIO length as 1.6MB.

Thanks & Regards,