As this is my first post, i will intorduce myself... my name is Chris, and i work for a small games company.
I am attempting to write a small simple 2d game engine for fairly limited embedded x86 hardware running the linux kernel.

Unfortunatly, I am having a little trouble with the basics ( this is the first time I have coded uside of an X11 environment )

My Problems are mainly image tearing / flickering.
Obviously I need to implement double buffering.

The First step, is  to wait for a suitable time to page flip ( VBLANC ? )

I am strugling to find documentation, but from reading linux/fb.h it seems the only way to do this is with the FBIOGET_VBLANK ioctl.... however, for unknown reasons, this is always returning -1 ( ERROR ! )

I'm sorry to say im a complete beginner in frame buffers, and after spending a few hours crawling through SDL_fbvideo.c
source code, I can think of nothing else but to cower before ye' olde Frame Buffer gods... and ask for enlightenment.

Thanks in advance for any advice / links / documentation / code snippets / anything that may be of use to me.