Hi friends,
I've been searching at list for uses of framebuffer with two heads.
But I've find only cases using paticular drivers i.e. "NVidia fb driver" and not a generic solution using standard fbdev.
My problem is:
I have a software that uses graphical resources, but it runs in many diferent hardwares, and the system don't use the normal installer but my own one, that configures and detects few parameter related to my system.
So, I need a solution for two heads that uses de standard fbdev in both monitors, avoiding the dificult task of detecting the parameters card.
I've already got to configure fbdev on the first card and the manufacturer driver at the second, but not fbdev on both.
I've realised that, when I try to use fbdev on the second card, it tries to use /dev/fb1, but it can't open it.
I've tried to use mknod in many diferent ways to configure /dev/fb1, but it didn't work.
Does anybody had an experience like mine?
Cassiano Alves
(São Paulo - Brasil)