Hello All,
I have to write a frame buffer to control my graphic LCD.  Since this LCD
controller has only these I/O (Enable, R/W, Chip Select and D0 ... D7 (data)),
i'm using GPIO of my microcontroller to control this device. It's why I
control it through the framebuffer driver. I wonder if I can mmap() a system
memory for LCD display.  It's for userland application (like nano-x engine)
which some memory mapping is done.   Since the lcd device is not attached to
the external bus interface (Address, Data and control IO) of my
microcontroller,  it's why I wonder if we can mmap() it. Almost of graphic
cards can mapped physically the memory because the video memory is already
allocated. My case is different because the LCD is connected to GPIO.  
For example, Userland application change some bytes (pixels) on this allocated
memory, then update is done directly on LCD display.... (ideal world)!
Microcontroller : AT91RM900 from Atmel
LCD graphic : LM6800 from TopWayDisplay
              Resolution : 256 X 64
              1 Color
If anybody can help me, I'll appreciate it.