Just a quick note, the latest FBUI deals with transparency
to an extent. Although not yet implemented, the goal is to
eventually use overlays to have semi-transparent windows.
Right now transparency is handled in drawing.
See here: http://fbui.org
Zack Smith
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From: "Mike Bourgeous" <i_am_nitrogen@hotmail.com>

> I'm working on a framebuffer driver for a high-definition tuner
> card's OSD, and I have two equally bad options for pixel format.
> I can choose 24-bit pixels, with every FOUR bytes in reverse
> order (even though pixels are three bytes long - that makes for
> some interesting pictures when it's not set up right), or 32-bit
> pixels, with mandatory transparency.
> When I try the 24-bit route, I get video, but it looks kind of like
> someone took the color columns of an LCD screen and mixed
> them up, so the red of one pixel will be before the green of the
> pixel to its left or something.
> When I do 32-bit, it seems that no programs pay attention to
> the transparency field of fb_var_screeninfo. fbi, for example,
> clears the screen to 0x00000000 before drawing its image
> data, leaving the screen black. If I manually set all of the
> alpha bytes to 0x7f (full opacity), the fbi image is displayed,
> but as soon as fbi updates the display everything's black
> again.
> Is it possible, without modifying userland software, to either
> 1. byte-swap every four bytes with three-byte wide pixels
> or
> 2. force the transparency byte of all 32-bit pixels to 0x7f
> ??
> I have a modified version of libfbx (u4x.sf.net/projects/libfbx)
> that sets the transparency value correctly, which I used to
> test the framebuffer driver, but I'd really prefer to have this
> work without too much work in userspace. My main goal is
> to get X to display on the framebuffer.
> Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> My framebuffer driver uses the following driver as a backend:
> http://myhd.sf.net/
> Mike Bourgeous
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