This much I can tell you... The BEST performance I have ever gotten out of ANY use of the frame buffer has been with Matrox cards. The last time I tried multiple video cards in the same computer was with kernel 2.4, all PCI Matrox cards in a mobo with an Intel 440 (BX ?) chipset. I will try it again and see what happens with 2.6 and let you know.
If I remember correctly, I have tried it with non Matrox cards and I think it sort-of worked, except the frame buffers above zero could not be set to anything other than 640x480 @ 8bpp, or something weird like that.
You know Matrox makes multi headed video cards. I have several of them. They are AGP and they work just like they should; /dev/fb0 & /dev/fb1.
James.   :o)
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  I would like to see how you got 5 Frame Buffer devices configured.

  I have one MX 4000-PCI, one Ti 4200-AGP(two ports), one S2-Trio and still only
get one FB.  What did you have to do to get 5 FBs?  I'm missing something
here!  What version of Linux are you running.

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If you want to use more than one video card then that implies that you =
need at least one that is PCI. I have had success using 5 Matrox PCI =
cards (all slots full).