I suspect I have found the reason for the breakage I reported earlier in the driver – but I'd be very happy if someone was confirming that my attempt wouldn't mess up my hardware before I set off to test it.


This addition:


+   /* according to ATI, we should use clock 3 for acelerated mode */
+   par->clk_wr_offset = 3;


comes up right after a nice piece of code that actually tries to mask clk_wr_offset:


+   if (!(aty_ld_le32(CRTC_GEN_CNTL, par) & CRTC_EXT_DISP_EN))
+      par->clk_wr_offset = (inb(R_GENMO) & 0x0CU) >> 2;
+   else
+      par->clk_wr_offset = aty_ld_8(CLOCK_CNTL, par) & 0x03U;


and so makes this code redundant with a static value that "seems" to come out of nowhere.

Furthermore, looking at atyfb.h, this particular register has overloaded meaning (by its comment) so it may cause the unexpected results I'm seeing.

But… these 4 lines of code replace an even bigger PLL calculation routine, and I do not know if they are correct or are just an attempt to read the value that got "commented out" because it was not complete.


So I ripped out the first two lines and count on the next 4 lines to initialize clk_wr_offset.

I already compiled the appropriate kernel, but since my understanding of all the hidden subtleties of the mach64 registers is far from complete, and my only mac is an all-in-one machine where damage to the crt by wrong clocking will render the entire box useless, I would appreciate it if you tell me at least what you think and if I am putting my hardware at any risk.




Gil Bahat,

System Administrator.