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 common 2016-12-05 Vasant Hegde Vasant Hegde [50d087] tests: Fix dash issue
 diags 2017-01-13 Mukesh Ojha Mukesh Ojha [f92c42] Fixes file descriptor leak
 ela 2016-11-29 Vasant Hegde Vasant Hegde [606f6f]
 lpd 2017-01-13 Mukesh Ojha Mukesh Ojha [b1664f] Fixes memory leaks
 opal-dump-parse 2016-01-12 Vasant Hegde Vasant Hegde [bd51b4] Move from EPL to the GNU GPL license
 opal_errd 2017-01-24 Mukesh Ojha Mukesh Ojha [8e4934] opal_errd/opal-elog-parse : Fixes case of negat...
 rtas_errd 2017-01-24 Mukesh Ojha Mukesh Ojha [338b27] Use strncpy instead of strcpy
 scripts 2016-10-20 Ankit Kumar Ankit Kumar [44dcd2] Fix systemd executable permission for scripts o...
 .gitignore 2014-08-12 Vasant Hegde Vasant Hegde [c4d217] Adding .gitignore to specify intentionally untr...
 COPYING 2016-01-12 Vasant Hegde Vasant Hegde [bd51b4] Move from EPL to the GNU GPL license
 Makefile 2016-01-12 Vasant Hegde Vasant Hegde [bd51b4] Move from EPL to the GNU GPL license
 README 2016-11-22 Vasant Hegde Vasant Hegde [a8139f] Add README file
 TODO 2015-03-16 Onkar N. Mahajan Onkar N. Mahajan [5b1b43] Implement popen(3) like function to prevent she...
 doxygen.config 2013-05-23 Vasant Hegde Vasant Hegde [a85d68] Initial commit.
 ppc64-diag.spec 2016-12-06 Vasant Hegde Vasant Hegde [bc93f8] ppc64-diag v2.7.3 release 2016-06-10 Frederic Bonnard Frederic Bonnard [aae716] Honor compilation env. variables

Read Me

This package contains various diagnostic tools for PowerLinux. These tools
captures the diagnostic events from Power Systems platform firmware, SES
enclosures and logs serviceable event. It also provides automated responses
to urgent events such as environmental conditions and predictive failures.


Mailing list
Info/subscribe :

See 'COPYING' file.

Compilation dependencies
- C and C++ compiler (gcc, g++)
- GNU build tools (automake, autoconf, libtool, etc)
- ncurses-devel
- systemd-devel
- librtas-devel
- libvpd-devel
- libservicelog-devel

  Package name may differ slightly between Linux distributors. Ex: RedHat and
  SLES ships development packages as "-devel" while Ubuntu ships it as "-dev"
  package. Please check your linux distribution package naming convention and
  make sure you have installed right packages.

You can build on Power Linux System.

$ make
$ make install

Building rpms
To build a tarball to feed to rpmbuild, do

$ make tarball

As an example, we use a command similar to the following:

$ rpmbuild -ba <path-to-spec-file>

All patches should be sent to the mailing list with linux-kernel style
'Signed-Off-By'. The following git commands are your friends:
- git commit -s
- git format-patch

You probably want to read the linux kernel Documentation/SubmittingPatches
as much of it applies to lsvpd.

Submitting patch
We use same mailing list for all Power Linux VPD and diagnostics projects
(ppc64-diag, libvpd, lsvpd, [lib]servicelog). It is common convention to
prefix your subject line with project name. This lets maintainer and other
developers more easily identify patches from patches targeted to other
projects. For example,

  Subject: [ppc64-diag PATCH 01/10] Summary phrase


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